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Original Product [Deodorizing Machine] by System One Co., Ltd.

EL5000 キャッチフレーズ

VOC compliant deodorizing machine

Eco Clean LabⅡ

With "power" of activated carbon and silver filter,
Powerful adsorption of organic solvents, floating bacteria and odor! Clean the air!

EL5000 利用シーンイメージ

Make various foul air and odor clean

Microparticulate substances having a negative health affect

Organic solvent* Liquid solvent evaporates and becomes gas.
VOC gas* Abbreviation for Volatile Organic Compounds, typical substances such as toluene, xylene, ethyl and acetate, etc. included in exhaust gas, paints, printing inks, adhesives, detergent, gasoline, thinners, etc.
Formaldehyde* Known as one of the causative agents of sick house syndrome. May be released into the air from building materials, and furniture.
PM2.5* Fine particulate matter of particle size 2.5μm(one thousandth of 2.5mm) and less. Micro(μ) is a unit of one millionth. The size of 2.5 micrometers (μm) is about 1/30 of the thickness of hair and smaller than pollen. Moreover, PM2.5 is not a single chemical substance, but is a mixture of various substances containing carbon, nitrate, sulfate and metal as main components.
Mold odor bacteria
Floating bacteria
House dust
Tobacco smell
Pet smell
Generation odor
Hazardous substances* Hazardous substances. Pollutants that may cause damage to human health and living environment if discharged into the environment

Continuous operation in the self-driving mode is recommended, if you want to reduce odors and bacteria continuously.

The self-driving monitors the room's air pollution with two sensors such as the dust sensor and odor sensor , efficiently operates, changing the air volume. The state of the dust sensor is displayed on the PM 2.5 counter on the operation panel, changing the air volume according to the degree of foul air.
  • How the dust sensor works
    Detecting particles in the air. Responding mainly to pollen, house dust, tick droppings, carcass and tobacco smoke, etc.
  • How the odor sensor works
    Responding mainly to VOC gas, ammonia odor, pet odor, tobacco odor, etc.
EL5000 右正面

EL5000 LEDカラー EL5000インジケータ ナノ粒子ってなに?

Catch small nano particle, gas, odor smaller than PM2.5 with high performance filter.

*Silver filter: A fixed filter of "silver" developed for medical use by our own technology

Hazard substances are drastically reduced in 10 minutes! Great effect on viruses and bacteria.

Our test performance data: This device is placed in a sealed glass case of 1m3, with evaporation of the organic solvent after putting it on the evaporation dish located at 50cm height from the floor and the fan operation.Check that transpiration has finished, and operate this device's air volume with "automatic operation (AUTO)" and measure it with a applicable detection tube. [Measurement conditions: room temperature 20-22℃, humidity 35-38%]
EL-5000性能テスト 細菌

Product Specifications

Power supply AC100~220V 50/60Hz
Power consumption 73W(Maximum)
Air flow rate up to 450m3/h (6 steps adjustment)
Applicable floor space 31~54㎡
Particulate type removal capability / Deodorization method 5.1 / Physical type
Product dimensions, weight and material W390 x H625 x D230㎜ / about 8.1㎏ / ABS resin (main part)
Operating environment conditions Temperature 0 to 40℃, Humidity 10 to 85%
(Limited to indoor environment of non-corrosive gas)

Overseas agents information(Thai Kingdom)

Company name A.S Extension Co.,Ltd
Location 175-177 Bangkok Union Insurance Bld.,3thFl.,Unit 2 ,
Suriyawong. Rd Bangrak, Bangkok 10500 Thailand
Contacts TEL:+66-2-235-4002-3 / FAX:+66-2-235-4003
Person in charge KATSUMI HOSODA

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