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TPMS test device

TPMS試験装置 イメージ
  • [Overview] This device measures the signal from the sensor, installing TPMS (Tire Pressure Measurement System) sensor in the transparent pressure tank, and rotating at 500rpm.
  • [Specifications] Rotational speed ... 0 to 500 rpm
    Maximum pressure ... 0.5MPa
    Input CH ... Master (for comparison) input 3CH
  • [Device configuration] Rotary pressure vessel 1 unit
    ※ There is also a type of pressure control device without rotation

Cooling water temperature control device

冷却水温調装置 イメージ
  • [Overview] This device is for setting the temperature and pressure according to the specified value to test devices using radiators and cooling water.
  • [Specifications] Temperature range ... 0 to 150℃
    Maximum pressure ... 0.99MPa
    Maximum flow rate ... 30ℓ/min
  • [Device configuration] Temperature control device ... 1 unit

EV measurement system

EV計測システム イメージ
  • [Overview] This device measures the conditions such as battery voltage, electric current, temperature, rotation speed, vehicle speed, etc. while running with sensors installed in EV by data logger.
  • [Specifications] Temperature CH ... 16 CH
    Electric current ... 2 CH
    Voltage ... 2 CH
    Others ... 12 CH
    *Power supply are DC / AC by conversion of vehicle 12V
  • [Device configuration] Measuring instruments 2 units
    DC / AC converter 1 unit
    Personal computer 1 unit
    EV measurement software 1 set
    * Each sensor is equipped on the vehicle

Power steering G/B rack loading device

パワステG/Bラック負荷装置 イメージ
  • [Overview] This device gives a load to a power steering gear box. A load spring adjusts spring force; the load cell measures the current load.
  • [Specifications] Load force ... 10 tons
  • [Device configuration]
    Load devices 2 units
    Power steering platform 1 unit
    Load cells 2 units
    ※A load and a platform are customizable based on power steering

Operation robot for car air conditioner

車載エアコン用操作ロボット イメージ
  • [Overview] This device operates the setting of temperature in a car setting based on th signaling from sensors, being equipped on the car. You can control by both by pushing type and rotation type.
  • [Specifications] Load force ... 10 tons
  • [Device configuration]
    Load devices 2 units
    Power steering platform 1 unit
    Load cells 2 units
    Load cell amplifiers 2 units
    ※ A load and a platform are customizable based on power steering

Engine motoring device (turning outside test machine)

エンジンモータリング装置 イメージ
  • [Overview] This device rotates the engines in the range from mini cars to luxury cars installed in it from the outside by a motor.
  • [Specifications]
    Maximum rotation speed 8000rpm
    Maximum torque 240N·m (1 minute rating)
    Rated 55kW (specified rpm 3000rpm)
  • [Device configuration]
    Engine motoring system 1 unit
    Power panel 1 unit
    Sensor rack, operation panel 1 unit

Switch test device

スイッチ試験装置 イメージ
  • [Overview] This device pushes a switch at the programmed location and is used for is an endurance test of a vehicle switch, a radio noise generation test, and noise resistance testing of electrical components etc.

Crank angle sensor test device

クランク角センサ試験装置 イメージ
  • [Overview] This device tests the crank angle sensor, rotating the flywheel.
  • [Specifications]
    Maximum rotation speed 8,000rpm (flywheel shaft)
    4,000 rpm (crankshaft)
  • [Device configuration] Motoring device 1 unit

Self-driving device for steering, brake, and accelerator

自動運転装置 イメージ
  • [Overview] This device is such a robot that automatically controls steering, brakes and accelerators according to the designated program.
  • [Specifications]
    Braking machine ... Brake depression force according to the law
    Accelerator machine ... Speed control according to the law
    Steering machine ... Steering angle and steering speed control according to the law

Brake scale dynamo test device

ブレーキスケールダイナモ試験装置 イメージ
  • [Overview] This device evaluates the brake pads performance, being used for brake development and reproducing the vehicle inertia by 1/5 size of the actual vehicle
  • [Specifications]
    vehicle inertia simulation ... 1/5 scale
    Brake depression force ... 1 ton
    Maximum rotation speed ... 3,000rpm

Door closing device

ドア閉め装置 イメージ
  • [Overview] This device is a door closing device by a controlled force, measuring the condition of the door and noise.

Battery nailing collapse test device

電池釘刺圧壊試験装置 イメージ
  • [Overview] This device is used for battery nailing collapse test device, having a temperature chamber-cum- a safety chamber, collapsing battery due to depression force by specified speed by electric power or destroy the battery by force.
  • [Specifications]
    Depression force ... 10 tons
    Speed ... Max. 10mm/sec
    Chamber temperature ... room temperature +5 to 150℃

Trunk striker

トランクストライカー イメージ
  • [Overview] This device is used for an endurance test of a car trunk striker, operation test.
  • [Specifications] Stroke ... 10 mm

Motor analysis device

モータ解析装置 イメージ
  • [Overview] This device is used for analysis of brushless motors used in automobile parts.
  • [Specifications]
    T-N characteristic test ... 0 to 8,000rpm / 10N・m
    Torque ripple (low speed test) ... 0 to 100rpm / 5N·m
    Torque ripple (high speed test) ... 100 to 5000rpm / 5N・m
    Cogging torque test ... 0 to 10rpm / 0 to 0.5N·m
    Friction test
    Vibration test

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