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Substrate cutter

基板カッター イメージ
  • [Overview] This device by moving the leutor along the XY axis cuts the substrate. Determining the stop position a few points can make positioning available.
  • [Specifications] XY axis: X movable range: 400 mm,
    Y movable range: 300 mm
    Z axis (later axis): 70 mm
  • [Device configuration] XY table 1 set, leutor 1set,
    substrate mask 1type

Substrate inspection device

基板検査装置 イメージ
Personal computer
Measuring instrument for determination
Substrate contact station

  • [Overview] Various substrate inspection equipment. Customized design for each substrate
  • [Specifications] OK / NG determination ... Short, open, resistance value, existing diode, etc. can be set.
    Pin number ... Dedicated support by substrate
    Contact form: Depending on the substrate shape, directly contacting the substrate,
    inspection from the connector, etc. are exclusively available upon customers' requests.
  • [Device configuration] substrate contact station 1 unit
    Probe pin fixing device 1 unit
    Measuring machine for determination 1 unit
    Personal computer 1 unit

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