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Resolver synchro angle indicator

レゾルバ・シンクロ角度表示器 イメージ
  • [Overview] This device is for displaying the angle of resolver or synchro with high accuracy.
  • [Specifications] Target sensor ... Resolver (Excitation voltage is available in several types)
    Display resolution ... 0.01°C
    Accuracy ... ±0.1°C (calibration cycle: 12 months)
  • [Device configuration] 1 display device
  • [Calibration] NIST traceability

Vibration test equipment

Measuring instruments

振動試験装置 イメージ
Frequency transmitter
Master sensor
Measured sensor

Power source

  • [Overview] This device is for exciting an accelerometer and velocity pickup with a shaker and measures the sensor sensitivity of the acceleration and velocity pickup.
  • [Specifications] Vibration frequency ... 50 to 500 Hz
    Excitation G ... 10G
    Excitation speed ... 3 inches / second
    Total accuracy ... ± 1% of FS
  • [Device configuration] shaker 1 unit
    Charge amplifiers (for master / for major) 2 units
    Speed amplifier 1 unit
    Measuring machine 1 unit
    Personal computer 1 unit
    Measuring software 1 set
    Inspection report based on customer format is available.
  • [Calibration] 12 months(NIST traceability)

Hydraulic equipment

油圧装置 イメージ
  • Various kind of hydraulic stand modification and repair
  • Flow meter, calibration device and measuring device
  • Measure hydraulic pumps, Motoring equipment
  • Oil temperature control device, Cooling water, motoring device, LLC temperature control device
  • PID programmable hydraulic resource (torque, various kind of analogue F/B)

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