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New recruitment-System One Co., Ltd.

We will bring up engineers that can be of proactive anywhere in the world!

就活 面接

With full of young engineers, we have been steadily developing with flexible ideas and challenging spirits since our establishment in 1989. By joining the basis of modern industry sun as electrical, electronics, mechatronics and software, we have been designing and manufacturing more effective control devices and manpower saving equipment. In particular, we have been active in a wide range of fields in various industries, mainly for manufacturing and various custom-made products such as measurement systems, PET modeling machine electrical parts, accordance with performance of IHI jet engines. We are waiting for a positive, technology-oriented young personnel.

Application Requirements

  • We have been developing equipment and devices with control equipment, instrumentation equipment, industrial equipment, and video equipment as the core of our business. We have developed a unique device only we can accomplish and have maintained stable business performance.
  • Recruitment of additional recruitment for further forward by more leaps and bounds this time. We will bring up engineers creating from scratch what is only one in the world.
工場内 製作現場

Recruitment information

Job type

Number of jobs available
Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Information Engineering, etc. Science and Engineering ... 2 to 3

Job description
Mechanical design, software design and electrical design

Work location
System One Co., Ltd. Headquarters ...1208-1,Otai, Saku-city, Nagano-pref., Japan

Working hours
8:45 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Salary and treatment
University graduate: 196,000 yen, Technical college graduate: 185,000 yen, College graduate: 175,000 yen
[Bonus] twice a year (June and December), [Raising] once a year, full transportation expenses paid

Various social insurance (health, welfare, employment, work injury), property saving system,
Retirement benefit system, congratulations or condolence system, regular medical checkup, employee travel, etc.

weekends, National holidays, etc.
In other cases holidays are according to our calendar (Working on Saturday once a month)

Selections process consists of 1) document selection, 2) writing test (professional), 3) interviews. Applications are accepted at any time, so please send a resume, a certificate of expected graduation, a transcript, a medical certificate to the administration department of our company. We will contact you later about the interview date and more details.
Refer to recruit information available on Naganoken Syukatsu Navi2020 site. If you are interested in it.

Land, ocean, sky... Furthermore, fly to the universe, you can see the technology of System One Co.,Ltd.