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silent nano diffuser [nanoseed α]

A pioneer of sterilization and deodorant of space
Diffuser making water nanoized
nanoseed α

Provides safety tangibly by our own technology

Quickly, widely and far away by nano particle power

The wind generated from the original ion engine having acquired a patent is called laminar flow, endlessly flowing theoretically in case of no shielding. Using this technology, the nanoized liquid with minus electron will be spread in air. Moreover, the mist can spread to every corner of a room, making the best use of the characteristics of minus electron in nanoized function water for sterilization and deodorant toward everything charged by plus electron in the room

ナノシードα 全体像

The product equipped with four set engines spread functional water for sterilization and deodrant more widely and more quickly.

Widely and far away
Just one set of the product is really available for a room in about 180㎡, providing sufficiently functional water for sterilization and deodorant


This product proves the comfortable environment without any unpleasant affect because of no ultrasound or no heat in use.


"nanoseed" sterilization and deodorization - Sanitization and deodorant to every corner of the room.

The wind generated from the original ion engine having acquired a patent is called laminar blow, endlessly flowing theoretically in case of no shielding. The function water and the aroma oil released will fly towards all things with plus electrum in the room because of nanoization and simultaneously being charged with minus electron.
This phenomenon will result in sterilization and deodorization by contacting Unpleasant odor substance such as half-dried smell of the laundry, garbage smell and ammonia odor.


'nanoseed' function water

Colorless, odorless and nonirritating
A water solution showing an excellent effect in deodorization, virus removal, sanitization.
A water solution widely used in a domestic aircraft and an international air crat and in an airport lounge because of excellent safety and excellent effect on a sanitization and deodorization.

What is Nano?

Nano is one billionth of a meter, representing unit of one millionth of a millimeter. Generally, the water particle size of the ultrasonic humidifier is around five micrometers, particle of 10 times smaller than that.


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Person in charge KATSUMI HOSODA

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