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About System One Co.,Ltd. Mid-career Recruitment

Mechanical design and electrical design aiming to play an active role in various fields such as space, aviation, FA


Testing equipment for pure domestic rocket H2A, engine testing equipment for the next jet airliner, automatic manpower saving machine, X-ray automatic imaging equipment. These are just part of what we have developed and designed. The reason why we are doing everything regardless of the field is in our wish for our engineers to do a job, growing and having fun.
If you specialize in the field, a repetition of the same design will come up one after another. Therefore, you will not grow in technology, and it will be boring even if you are working. As we try new fields from next to next, we can acquire flexible ideas and technical skills. Besides designing not only what you are told, you can interact with customers and develop products that you are convinced of. Do not you think it is an exciting environment for you to be a technician?

Recruit Application

  • We have been developing equipment and devices with control equipment, instrumentation equipment, industrial equipment, and video equipment as the core of our business. We have developed a unique device only we can accomplish and have maintained stable business performance.
  • Recruitment of additional recruitment for further forward by more leaps and bounds this time. We will bring up engineers creating from scratch what is only one in the world
工場内 開発部門

Job Description

A "mechanic design" and "electricity design" including meetings, price negotiations, delivery of goods, and inspections, satisfying users' needs.

More tangibly?

The design work on industrial robots, sea bottom seismographs, engine control unit evaluation testing device, etc. in various devices and various fields.

The workflow?

  1. Meeting with customers
    Firstly, listen to customers' request carefully.
    *Point...For effective communication with customers, all you need is to create the same picture in your mind as customers' ones. Your proposal by creating your better pictures than theirs makes you fully qualified.
  2. Submission of planning
    Planning on the subject device and specifications are required to submit. The subsequent new requests result in re-submission followed by two to four times­ resubmissions normally.
  3. Quotation and price negotiation
    Quotation should stem from understanding your work fully. Price negotiation starts after the quotation submission.
  4. Design
    How to proceed is in your hands. Organize the required schedule to meet the delivery date requirements. Make sure to communicate with our company's affiliates and accomplish your work, as you may work with them collaboratively.
  5. Delivery and inspection
    Delivery of completed devices and inspections as required. Maintenance is required after their operation just in case of any troubles occurred.

*Conduct only the design work for what a senior has discussed with customers.It would take at least a year for you to conduct all steps in the workflow.

The possible applicants?

a university graduate of faculty of engineering or higher education aged around 22 to 40 years old
*Experienced personnel in design practice

We are even more welcoming.

  1. The more motivated personnel than others
  2. The personal to recover himself or herself quickly even after the fail
  3. The personnel to take the offensive, saying "Nobody does, I do" even in case of only three days left by the delivery date


Saku-shi, Nagano-ken
Five-minute drive from Joshinetsu Expressway Saku interchange, or 10-minute drive from Hokuriku Shinkansen Sakudaira station
Very good place, close to Karuizawa and just within a stone's throw of Tateshina Heights and Kirigamine Heights, and Shirakaba-ko Lake. In winter, a skiing area close to our company

Working hours and treatment?

  1. Working hours ... From 8:45 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  2. Salary : 230,000 yen and more (including uniform allowance)
  3. Treatment and welfare program : Pay rise one time, bonus 2 times,social insurance available, retirement benefit system, qualification backup, asset accumulation savings, company employees' trip
    *There are cherry blossom viewing, golf, and various event.
  4. Holiday : weekends, National holidays, etc.
    In other cases holidays are according to our calendar
    (Working on Saturday once a month)


Make sure to contact us by an inquiry form, after filling out or mail you resume attaching your picture.
*We will later inform you of the details such as a possible interview day. Feel free to ask us anything as we are ready to consult with you about your interview day and joining day.
*In the interview, please make an appeal to us about your motivation. We give weight to your personality and motivation rather than experience and knowledge. We really look forward to what kind of appeal you present!
On top of that, we have updated the employment information in Naganoken Syukatsu Navi2020 site. Refer to the web site if you are interested in it.

Selection process

Application - resume screening - written examination - interview (the president and a director of Engineering Department are in charge) - informal decision
*It would take about a week from an application to an informal decision.

Land, ocean, sky... Furthermore, fly to the universe, you can see the technology of System One Co.,Ltd.