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What is ISO/ IES 17025?

Being an unfamiliar number, it is very important.


In a manufacturing world, accurate measurement is essential.The wrong measurement will naturally result in wrong products in all.

The ISO 9001 compliance offices are frequently found are obliged to establish a standard measurement. Therefore, they are able to ship their products as manufactured based on the measurement to the world, complying with ISO requirements.

For this purpose, the reliable numerical value of the reference device as a basis need to be verified. Periodical regular calibrations are required at intervals of ISO specified period.

The certificate of accreditation of ISO/IEC 17025 is just a verification of reliable accredited organization enabling to perform the required calibration. We, in System One Co., Ltd. are able to issue an internationally accepted calibration certificate, as performing calibrations of the measuring device in response to the accuracy of AMS 2750D as a calibration accredited organization. Please refer to ISO 17025 on PJLA site.

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